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“Social networking is a whole lot more fun when you get to do it naked.”

  • 86% Member Profile Authenticity
  • 88% Uploaded Media Quality
  • 76% User search Filter
  • 87% premium Features

  • Overview

    To put it in short, FuckbookHookups.com (Fuckbookhookup) is rich in features & a huge casual sex dating site & I, m having a really awesome time there. I can recommend it to any person interested in finding someone to hook up with.

    Signing Up

    Signing up to Fuckbook Hookups is simple. Just fill out a little quick info, about who you are, what you like & a little intro for members to see, verify your email, & you are in for a wild ride. Even for the free tier, there is plenty to satisfy your appetite & give you a real taste of what you can do.

    What You will See

    The member homepage looks quite busy in the beginning , but it does not take long to get used to. You will  find it is designed to project alot of features to use up front & right there on the main screen.

    Your profile information is right up in front of you with all the updates you may need to know, like flirts received, messages or how many people have viewed your profile. Across the rest of the page there are windows full of info about whats currently happening onsite, tabs that display featured new members matching your taste, and members currently online (Cupid Preferences as they call it), members that are near your location & VIP profiles. Ofcourse, there is also a place to filter or refine results as you want.

    You are also given links to members web cams, instant messages, & live chat rooms. Rounding it all up with all the content like member videos & photos & even a community driven top member page & you will know that there is plenty to explore & do on Fuckbook Hookups.

    On the home screen also accessible is the new Activities list which is basically a sitewide news feed high-lighting member status & new changes like uploaded pictures & video of  members which can be filtered to members on your friend list or even local members. New Activities also keep you in touch about when  members are broadcasting & you can comment from the feed it-self. Just like other sites, you can  Like the top trending activities.

    Other nice features come in the form of live web cam models feeds for some little instant gratification, & some community posts like picture contests, members blogs & members groups. If it is not clear at this time, Fuckbook Hook ups packs their home page with so many features as and while some may call it busy, I think its  efficient & I really like the layout.


    If I was to put out a criticism about the site, I would say that with all these features packed  on the screen  at once, the loading time for the pages can be slow compared to some other sites. It must be a matter of having that many members & updates going on all at the same time, accessing the information that is tailored to your needs  adds one or two seconds to the loading time.


    You will find that all the real tools for interacting with other like minded members are well hidden behind a pay-wall. If you are looking for the best bang for your buck, then you should be prepared to find something better than Fuckbook Hookups.

    The Standard Membership plan on Fuckbook Hookups, which is also  free, gives you ability to chat on their instant messenger & chatrooms, you can put other members onto your hotlist, ability to like photos & videos, & join Members Blogs & Groups. The free membership atleast provides a couple of hours fun poking around in the features, filling out profile or answering questions to determine your preference.

    If you really want to take the full advantage of Fuckbook Hookups & maximize your chances of getting some real action, the Gold Membership is essential. The features that are crucial at meeting people & making newer casual contacts becomes available to you once you go to Gold. Sending & receiving messages works just like normal email & is opened up to Gold Members. Along with the messages you will be able to send member flirts as well as Friends Requests. Flirts are a playful but casual way to let other members to know you are interested in them.

    Gold Members are also be allowed the full access to read the complete profiles of Fuckbook Hookups members. This is quite helpful when getting to know  people you are  interacting with, in the hopes of finding a compatible one in the process. As a small token, Gold Membership plan is not the only way to go. Standard Members can also pay to see full profiles for small fees ($2.95 gives 30 days). It is an option if you are not ready for Gold Membership.

    This premium membership allows you to see all the hottest videos & see full size photos on their site. Members are always posting & archiving sexy & naughty materials all the time. Just cheking out the New Activity feeds for a few minutes or-so & this becomes very obvious & Gold Membership grants you access to all this. Even better you will be able to write comments & reply to any & all of the user content too. When I see a nice Ass I gotta tell people about it period.


    All of this & priority top class customer service & it is difficult to not recommend  Gold membership to anybody. Fuckbook Hookups’ rates are very low compared to  other sites & the offers get way better, the longer you are interested in using Fuck book Hook ups

    Gold Membership  1 Month – $29.95

    Gold Membership  4 Months – $59.80

    Gold Membership  18 Months – $89.10

    There are additions to the four month & 18 month pricing plans which at the end boil down to incentivising you to be an active member on their site. You are expected to login at least once every month, send at least three messages to other members every month, and also  make an approved blog post and group post per month. It is hard to process if you are new to the dating sites scene in general, but the effort is always worth it to get a discount. You will be doing this by being just a member who uses their site any way, it is really easy.

    The Bottom Line

    Strange pricing models aside, I do recommend that people give full membership at Fuck book Hookups a try. You will get access to so many member profiles, &  for those  who know, dating does not necessarily have to be a numbers game when talking about on line dating. Fuck book Hook ups not only widens tha playing field but the members are pretty much looking for tha same thing. If you are out to have fun, Fuckbook Hookups is your place to go.

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