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  • Overview

    This  was exactly what I needed. I really wanted to hookup with women who are on the same page regarding sex. Being straight about it made it really easy to meet and connect. The kind of tools I found on the site made it easy to attract women and keep their attention. It was easy for me to arrange hookups & meetups. If you go at it like me and really

    Getting a Membership Plan

    I was looking for someone that I was on the same page with.Someone who I wouldn’t be ashamed to share my fantasies with. I really love sex. A lot more than most of my ex partners. I know its important to be on the same page but I just enjoy it more than most other guys. This really affected most of my past relationships. I really hoped Getiton ( could help me get a sexual match.

    I registered on Getiton. Right away I was asked how important the different sex positions & styles are for me. Now wow this is really it. It was like this site was made for sex aficionadosI answered all 16 questions about my sexual preferences and positions. I think this was meant to match like minded adults on the site.

    If you are really wondering what the differences in perks between premium and standard membership are,
     I have summarized everything below:

    Perks of a Premium Membership

    I went ahead and answered all physical description questions  bout myselfI wanted girls to have the best idea of who I was. After getting myself confirmed using my email, I logged back onto the site. Immediately I was asked to upgrade, which was very quick. I like to try things out before I commit to buying. I tried searching for members profiles, but only saw a small portion. I was able to see members main profile photo though. If I want to see other photos and profile details including extra large photos I needed to upgrade. The first profiles I saw really interested me want ahead and signed up and immediately saw the upsell options. The first one I saw was the open door enhancement. This enhancement allowed standard members to send you messages and view your profile. It made it easier for standard members who didn’t wanna upgrade to view me. I think this is a cool feature as it makes most standard members contact me. The next one is the “Highlight Listings” one. This highlights your profile and puts it at the top. I saw this later on that night. Your profile is highlighted  unlike the other traditional profiles. I was like screw it and just got all of them for a three month period.

    Below I have listed all of them

    As a Premium member I was now able to View all members videos/photos, read every members full profile, & was able to view them in a large format. Another benefit of being a Premium member was being able to see the Live Web cams. This feature also lets you show your live web cam of yourself. I do not think I am good when it comes to messaging. I cant really express myself. This feature was really awesomeI was online streaming and iteracting with other members at the same time. This way I think people really see my true personalityI got a lot of chats with women who were watching me. They said they liked the way I was so easy to talk to unlike other guys. This feature really fit my personality and I think it’s the best feature of all.

    Members Streaming on Cams

    Now do not get confused because of the Live Web cams feature. One part of it streams your activity to other premium members. On the other  you can watch models on live cam. On this you pay the girls to tease and strip. This is charged at a cost per minute basis. Its just like an on line strip club. While I do like going out clubbing, I wouldn’t really enjoy it much if it happened too often. When you get to do streaming this often, it really can get addicting. Just a fair warning.

    Girls that were watching me Live on the Web cams told me to also check out their own videos. This was really amazing. They were asking me to check out their hot bodies. They wanted details about what I thot of their asses,boobs and the like. These were the type of women I really wanted to meet. Simple and straight forward. They wanted to see what I had too and asked me to post videos of myself too. Ofcourse I kept my face and other body marks out of the video.The site let me record directly and upload and save in real time. This is very convenient. There is even a manage videos tab. After posting a lot of videos online, it lets you organize them in order. Be warned that there is a 2 Gig limit though.

    My thinking is that a lot of premium members like this feature alot. There are well over 90,000 videos to watch. Women, men & couples alike post high quality videos onsite. Some people just like to watch the home made porn videos but I think this really gets you to know the person in the video more. You can actually hookup and meet these people which is exactly what I did.

    There are also advanced search options that are available on site. If you want a specific woman or man, you filter through tha members. For example you could search for slim women, black women or big booty girls. I am not too picky on my girls tho. I like it when we both get along  and love sex the same. My searches were relatively simple. I focused on women looking for men. Regardless of their other traits and likes.

    Advanced search allows lesbians,gays & bisexuals to use the site all the same. They would look for sex partners just the same way as I was. Other couples or single adult members.

    One of the bestr features of the user profiles is the Compare our Answers button. The site compared our sexual preferences which I really liked. This reassured me that I was going to find a woman with the same preferences as me to suit my high sex drive. The my cupid feature matched my answers with other members and this made them show up in my result. This way I was able to me members near me with my preferences.

    There was lots of women I wanted to message. I sent quite a lot of messages after seeing their videos and photos. I really had a fun time. In case it is difficult for someone to reach out, there are other options. Even on a night out clubbing, it can be difficult to connect with girls. Sending out flirts is one of them and is quite easy. It’s a simple message that tells someone you are flirting with them. These might actually really work greater than you think. Another is the smileys way. These are  Emojis. Most women like these coz they look innocent

    Another cool thing on the site is the Last login date feature. This tells you when a member was last active. I like this because it lets you know of the people who are usually active. It also showed me if a person had read my message or not. I would rather interact with active members to increase my hooking up chances.

    Another smart feature is the viewed me feature. If you need to know who is interested in you just go there and it lists everyone down. Some of them are just too shy to connect so you could actually just be the one to start the ball rolling. I have done this often and think that most of them didn’t know I knew they had checked me out

    If you are still that shy person you could use the Hotlist option. You tag someone coz they are attractive. You can visit them later on. These are like the cream of your choices and sets them apart so you can focus on them.

    The Bottom Line

    I do not really know what else you need on the site. It has all that you need to reach out to members for easy hook ups. You can either send a video, photo or be direct by sending a message. If you are shy send out a smiley or a flirt. They then know you are thinking about them and the ball starts rolling from there.

    I really do recommend this site to anyone looking to hookup easily.

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